Monday, November 8, 2010

Online all the time: Youth & New Media. The impact of social networking and the online world on Indonesian culture


It was raining last weekend and a friend of mine felt totally disappointed canceling her picnic plan with her girlfriends, and she wanted everybody know about it so she posted her sad feeling on Twitter and waited for a couple of minutes to see if anybody tweeted her back with a response. Rain stopped sometime later but she already engaged on her laptop and forgetting her plan.

I went to a party last night and snapped a lot of pictures and the only thing that lingers in my mind since last night is “I could not wait to upload them all to Facebook and tag everybody in it!” I even curious to see other pictures my friends will upload and see if anybody tagged me.

All those experiences above is no longer new to young people in Indonesia, especially those who fortunate enough to have that super-cool-I-can-be-online-anytime-anywhere gadget. Honestly I even cannot remember how do we live before Facebook or Twitter. Cyber world has gained tremendous development over the years and I feel both proud and concerned about it.

Online world sure bring a lot of positive impacts for young people. The latest hot site for young people is Indonesian Unite, which was born as a result for our fight over bombing action some time ago. In such a short time Indonesian Unite successfully gain a lot of supports from Indonesian people, both youth and adult people. I personally feel very proud for this because it shows how many people still care for this country.
On the other hand, youth’s addiction over the online world can be very negative if only they could not control it. Remember how many hours had you spend outside doing real world action five years ago and compare them with today.I am (and majority of other college students are) constantly losing my important sleeping hours doing nothing important in front of my notebook.It is no longer a secret that young people spend their time mostly on Internet, no wonder everything is now so Facebook and Twitter worthy. I secretly afraid that our cultures will slowly vanish as the Internet is rapidly growing.
Or maybe that is just my imagination.
Maybe I should post it on Twitter.

P.S. I wrote this to participate in Indonesian Youth Conference Blog Competition. My writing's a bit sucked maybe,considering i wrote it at 2.30 am,but anyhow pray for me

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hello Sunshine

Let's lay on the grass and have a sandwich roll together

Hello hi hello
A very bad blogger has come back after quite a while (not that anybody cares anyway,lol)
I hate that most of my last posts talked about my whining on doing my final project or internship, so I just want to forget it just for a while

Happy Sunday anyone!
when it comes to Sunday,that means it's time for my weekly Sunday Secret
what's your favourite secret?

Anyway,I have several addiction into some series like Chuck, How I Met Your Mother, and the Big Bang Theory
and my newest obsession is : Glee!
and Dianna Agron is my new girl crush

taken from her Tumblr

I know she's gorgeous and poised,but what made I am a fan is that she is gorgeous and poised and art lover and love photography and her blog is awesome

anyway,what's up with you? what's up with the world?

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sing Soft Kitty for me

I'm sick
It sucks

I forgot how lonely it was to be in bed while all of your friends go to school

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mini tangerines

Oh god, i've been neglecting this blog for how long ? two - three months ?
I am in a hopeless worrisome stage in my college life
Final Year Project, of course, and I've been struggling to find an internship
I've been very unproductive these couple of months,no photos, even drawings
so here are some fake Polaroids from different times in my life

oh,I have finished Dan Brown's latest book, The Lost Symbol, and this funny cute amazing comic journal book French Milk by Lucy Knisley

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

It has been raining all day long

Final Year Projects!
Midterm exams!
Three major assignments projects!
Raining cats and dogs!

Massive mess!

Saturday, October 31, 2009


Taken from today's Sunday Secret,

I couldn't have be more agree with you,dear stranger

It's been a while,yes it's been a while!
I am so totally into Final Year Project mode now,and reading so many journals make my my creativity level falls freely until below zero point
I really really need help

Friday, August 28, 2009

"South America ! It's like America, but South"

Anybody cries at Pixar's movie "UP" ?
Who love this movie as much as I do?

*Watercolor on paper
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